Maternity photography reviews: Kimberly's pregnancy studio shoot review, 2017

A stylish maternity photography portrait shot in a London studio with a lace gown.
Kimberly's pregnancy studio shoot review, 2017


I did a combination of a maternity shoot and a family portrait session with Nemi when I was 34 weeks pregnant.  

My husband and I were pleased with the style and range of photos we got -- a combination of nude/semi-nude fine art images of the pregnancy and more traditional shots of us as a couple and with our son.  

Nemi's studio offers various background options, as well as furniture/props and even some clothes/drapes to use for the maternity shots.  

She was very friendly, flexible and patient with us -- especially with the changing of outfits during the photo shoot and the selection of images (as I can be indecisive!).